Web Process

CLARIFY • Scoping

This is where we find out what you want (and more importantly, what you need) to achieve with your site, who your visitors are and the functionality you might already have in mind. We may ask you to complete a short online questionnaire to get started before working through some of the finer details together.


Planning is the most important stage because it provides us with a list of clear objectives and requirements based on the information we have gathered from you. During the planning process, we produce a wireframe of your website. Doing this is great because it is a chance for us to collaborate to optimise the user experience and content.
It will additionally give you a concise list of features your website will contain, and help you understand the cost of particular functions. We move back and forward, between planning and design, until we have a concise set of requirements for your website. It is at this stage that the estimated quote will be revised if it is needed.

CREATE • Design

We begin with designing a look and feel for you, which includes a visual of your home page using placeholder text and images if necessary. When you are happy with this initial concept, we then move into the full design for the other pages detailed in the sitemap. These will be provided to you with annotations about the functionality and navigation.
The sign off for the design stage is almost a point of no return (although nothing is impossible). From this point forward, it’s our fully trained geeks who take the reins and begin coding. Any changes to the design or structure become more complex, time consuming and expensive.


It’s the content that users are looking for and like the design and structure, it has to be added with your objectives in mind. We will work with you to source the right content based around our agreed site structure. Using this as a base we will write compelling and persuasive copy for your users and manage the sourcing or production of photography, videography and data.

Front end development

The front end refers to the parts of the website that your users will see and interact with directly – translating the design you’ve seen on paper into web technology. At the end of the front end development, we will provide you with a preview link so that you can view the progress of your site.

Back end development

Your website will feature a Content Management System (CMS), which allows you to edit many of the elements on the site yourself. The back end development links the parts that the user sees with the tools you will use to edit your site. It’s also the part where any special functions are developed in readiness for your content.

Content, testing and training

As the build approaches completion we will begin to add your content into the site. This includes all text content, graphics, photography or videography created in Stage 4 and throughout the process. You will be given a link to the test area so that you can safely play with the site without it being publicly accessible. Prior to the go live date we will arrange a time to provide training.

Go Live

The purpose of this stage is to prepare the website for public viewing. We check the website in multiple browsers one last time  for functionality and responsiveness (the ability of the site to adapt to the screen that it’s displayed on). We will have already determined who will be hosting the site, the domain name(s) you wish to use and other technical details specific to your project. Once we have gained full approval to go Live, we can use this information to point your domains to our server. Then, by some kind of wonderful and magic, your site will be live.